Combining ARIO MALL and ITO-YOKADO, ARIO KAKOGAWA is a shopping mall in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, comprising 74 specialty shops.

The charm of Ario that makes you enjoy your Japan trip at 120%

It is hard to decide where to start looking · · ·
as you can find many famous shops representing Japan

  • maru.

    Sweets・ Crepe・Tapioca Drink

  • Tascata Sorte

    Western-style Sweets

  • Oniku No Hinode

  • Okashi No Senmonten Morita


  • KFC

    Fried Chicken

  • B-R 31 Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

  • Sakanaya

  • Subway

    Potatoes and drinks

  • Tako No Tsubo

    Takoyaki (Octopus Balls)

  • Tully's Coffee




  • Sanuki Udon Hanamaru

    Udon Noodles

  • Beard Papa's fresh'n' natural cream puffs

    Cream Puffs

  • Pepper Lunch


  • McDonald's


  • Mother Basket

  • Mister Donut


  • Nakagawa Shokuhin

  • Rahmen Hakkaku

    Dipping Noodles・Ramen

  • Fruit and Vegetable Store Teppen

    Fruits and vegetables

  • Hatsuta Shokkei


  • Wagyu Iguchi

  • Gozasoro

  • Gyoren No Sakanaya

  • Daiso

    100 Yen Store

  • LoFt

    Household Goods

  • onnematka shoes


  • Owndays

    Glasses and sunglasses

  • Rosage by ensoleille

  • T's collection

    Married women's clothing

  • Advanced Style

    Ladies' Wear・Fashion Goods

  • ensolleile

  • Estelle


  • Good's Market

    Ladies' Wear

  • Kumazawa Bookstore

  • Cycle Base Asahi


  • Jullia Olger

  • shop toki


  • Celule


  • Nitori Deco Home

    Interior Goods

  • Honeys

    Ladies' Wear・Fashion Goods

  • Mac-House

    Men's, Ladies' and Kids Wear

  • La Pastel

    Knickknack・Ladies' Wear

  • Daikando Inbo


  • Hobby House Marujyu

    Handicraft Store

  • Eye Life Hiiragiya

    Glasses・Hearing Aids

  • MUJI

    Fashion and Household Goods・Food

  • Suzunoya

    Kimono Shop ・Kimono Wearing Class

  • flower shop misumi


  • 11cut

    Beauty Parlor

  • Curves

    Ladies Fitness

  • Gachamanbou

    capsule toy machine

  • Stlaash

    Esthetic Salon

  • Socié

    Beauty Parlor

  • DIA Cleaning


  • Halos Garden

    Amusement and game center

  • Pet Land Peace One

    Pet Shop

  • Mama No Reform

  • Men's Clear

  • York Culture Center

  • relax


  • Kimie Sato Knit-Sewing Club

    Adult School

  • Hoken Minaoshi Honpo


  • Kakogawa Egao Dental Clinic

    Dental clinic

  • Kokusai Travel


  • Kodomo Toshokan

  • Rakuten Mobile

    Mobile Phone Shop

  • Kaitori Daikichi

Enjoy shopping with confidence! Fully equipped facility service

  • ATM

    You can withdraw Japanese yen with your card at the Seven Bank ATM set up in the facility.

  • Nursing room

    Even those who carry children can relax and enjoy shopping.

  • Multipurpose restroom

    We are preparing a bathroom that can be adapted to a wheelchair. Parents and small children can use it together.

  • Information counter

    Please do not hesitate to drop by the floor guidance counter for information about parking, lost child, or general consultation.

  • Luggage Lockers

    In order to enjoy shopping comfortably, we have installed a luggage locker.

Ario is convenient for access from the main terminal

A 5-minute walk to the south from Sanyo Electric Railway Befu Station

Basic information

2 Midorimachi, Befucho, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture

Opening Hours

Ario Mall
10:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 21:00

※ Some have different business hours